Newsletters – 2019
January 2019
  • Happy Holidays from Hedman Partners
  • 10 New Year’s Resolution to Improve Your Personal Financial Position
  • Arbitration Agreements Save Headaches and Dollars
  • PCI Compliance Protect Customer Information
  • Important Tax Figures for 2019
  • Ideas to Strengthen Your Business in 2019 and Beyond
  • Classification of Workers: Could Section 530 Come to the Rescue
  • Do You Need Long Term Care Insurance
  • Should You Switch Your Business to C Corp Status?
  • 2018 Income Tax Withholdings: Too Much Too Little or Just Right?
  • Tap Into the Power of Customer Testimonials
  • Turn Your Website into a Marketing Magnet
  • 2019 Annual Information Returns Newsletter
  • Could Medicare Premiums Lower Your Taxes?
  • Warning: E-Scooters May Pose Risks to Your Business and it’s Employees
  • Watch Your Employees’ Language
February 2019
  • OSHA Log Posting Tips
  • IRS Offers QBI Deduction Safe-Harbor Rule for Rental Estate
  • How to Pay Retiree Health Costs Tax-Free
  • Be Careful When Saving for Your Kids Education
  • Making Smart Mergers and Acquisitions under Today’s Tax Law
  • IRS issues Final QBI Deduction Regulations
  • Tee Off for Success
  • Get the Most Out of Banner Ads
  • Is an HAS Right for You?
  • Payment Card Fraud on the Rise Despite Use of Chip Technology
  • Help Protect Your Company from Harassment Claims
  • Workers Compensation – Strategies to Keep Costs Down
  • Simple IRA vs, Solo 401(k): Which is Right for your Small Business?
  • I-9 Audits Are On the Rise: Be Prepared
  • Layoffs: Take Steps to Help Avoid Employment Lawsuits
  • Non-Compete Agreements: What Can They Accomplish?

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