January 2013

BizActions: January 1st

  • Complying with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Best Choice: A Board of Directors or an Advisory Board
  • Do You Understand Copyright Law?

BizActions: January 8th

  • Tax Changes for Individuals in the 'Fiscal Cliff' Law
  • New Law Brings Back Many Popular Business Tax Breaks
  • Salvage a Casualty Loss Deduction

BizActions: January 16th

  • Fiscal Cliff Law Extends IRA Donation Tax Break: Can You Benefit?
  • Important Tax Figures for 2013
  • Seize Trade Show Opportunities

BizActions: January 23rd

  • Tougher New Rule for Medical Expense Deductions Start this Year
  • IRS News: Audits and Home Office Deductions
  • Win the Salary Game

BizActions: January 30th

  • What's New for the 2013 Tax Filing System?
  • Act Fast: Feb. 1 OSHA Deadline for Posting Mandated Injury Report
  • Take a Last Resort Stand on Layoffs
February 2013

BizActions: February 5th

  • The Dodd-Frank Whistleblower Program: A Dozen Facts You May Not Know
  • EEOC Damage Awards Rise in Spite of Steady Numbers
  • Fall Back on Bad Debt Deductions

BizActions: February 12th

  • IRS Cracks Down on Tax ID Theft:  Could You Be a Victim?
  • Making Sales With Installment Payments
  • Smart Ways to Sell More on the Internet

BizActions: February 19th

  • Understanding the Health Benefit 'Pay or Play' Decision
  • Get Ready for Required Direct Deposit of Federal Benefit Payments
  • Examine Backgrounds Before You Hire

BizActions: February 26th

  • Countdown to Filing: There's Still Time to Contribute to an IRA or SEP
  • Arbitration Agreements Save Headaches and Dollars
  • Get Back in the Loop
March 2013

BizActions: March 5th

  • Protect Your Intellectual Property from Theft
  • A Shining Example of Cost Segregation
  • Don't Get Taken to the Divorce Tax Cleaners

BizActions: March 12th

  • Health Insurance and Medical Expenses: What Can You Deduct?
  • Estimated Taxes: Pay as You Go or Pay the Price
  • Tee off for Success

BizActions: March 19th

  • Employers: Gain Extra Time to Claim the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Check Out the New I-9 Forms Soon to be Mandatory
  • The Challenges of Administering Family and Medical Leave

BizActions: March 26th

  • Keeping Good Tax Records: A Case Study of What NOT to Do
  • Companies on NASDAQ: Get Ready for New Proposed Internal Audit Rule
  • Smart Ways to Handle Off-Site Employees
April 2013

BizActions: April 2nd

  • Will the Healthcare Law Increase Your Costs?
  • Watch Out for Unexpected Tax on Loans to Your Corporation
  • Tax-Advantaged Ways to Help Educate the Grandchildren

BizActions: April 9th

  • How Does Your 401(k) Plan Measure Up?
  • Target Date Funds: What Employers Should Know
  • A Dozen Ways to Negotiate Better

BizActions: April 16th

  • Buried in Tax Paperwork? What Can You Throw Away
  • Healthcare Law Deadlines in Place, Comin Up -- and Delayed
  • Avoid Costly Age Discrimination Claims

BizActions: April 23rd

  • Getting a Waiver of the 60-Day IRA Rollover Rule
  • Surprising Mistakes Employers May Face
  • Good PR Can Help Your Company Avoid Litigation

BizActions: April 30th

  • Employers: Highlights of the IRS Voluntary Worker Classification Program
  • IRS Report: When it Comes to Paying Taxes, Many Colleges Fail
  • When Nonqualified Stock Options Have a Leg Up
May 2013

BizActions: May 7th

  • Tax and Other Considerations When Selling Your Home
  • Terrorism Insurance: Understanding its Limits and Provisions
  • Checklist for a Successful Sales Flight

BizActions: May 14th

  • Update on the Section 179 Deduction Tax Break
  • Deadline Coming Up to Report Foreign Account Holdings
  • What to Do with Impossible Employees?  Clean House

BizActions: May 21st

  • Pay No Federal Tax on Qualified Small Business Stock
  • Develop a Strong Hand to Negotiate Loan Covenants
  • Investigate Zoning Laws Before Committing to a Location

BizActions: May 28th

  • Lease Accounting: Proposal Would Mean Major Changes
  • Q&As About the IRS Scandal and How to Obtain Tax-Exempt Status
  • Save Taxes While Controlling Employee Health Costs
June 2013

BizActions: June 4th

  • Controlled Group Analysis Is the Key to Complying with Benefits Rules
  • June 17 Deadline for Some Taxpayers with Foreign Assets
  • Know Your Prospects!

BizActions: June 11th

  • Self-Employed : Tax-Saving Domestic Travel this Summer
  • Tax Rules When Your Business Trip Involves a Passport
  • Watch Your Employees' Language 

BizActions: June 18th

  • Complying with Federal Laws When Hiring Teen Employees
  • Avert Sabotage by Former Employees
  • Using Dual Monitors Saves Paper and Time

BizActions: June 25th

  • Unpaid Interns: The Landscape Has Changed
  • Tax Court: Contractor Misrepresentations Result in Homeowner Loss
  • Handling Interest Expense on Loans to Inject Capital
July 2013

BizActions: July 2nd

  • Bill 93 Eliminates Enterprise Zone Credit Program
  • Tax Implications in the Supreme Court DOMA Case
  • How the Supreme Court Rulings Affect Employee Benefits

BizActions: July 9th

  • Which Employers Must Pay the New 'PCORI' Fee Due July 31?
  • Delay in ACA Employer Mandate: Opportunity to Regroup
  • Nurture Understanding Between Generations for a Peaceful Workplace

BizActions: July 16th

  • Understanding How the New Medicare Tax Affects Individuals
  • The Impact of the Medicare Tax on Partnerships and S Corps
  • Profit Audits Can Revive the Bottom Line

BizActions: July 23rd

  • IRS Announced Postponement of FATCA Deadlines
  • Employers: Understand When Disability Discrimination Occurs
  • How to Benefit Tax-Wise From a Home Office
August 2013

BizActions: August 6th

  • Valuation is Key as the M&A Market Slowly Heats Up
  • Keep Top Talent on Board
  • Insuring Employees Who Drive Their Own Cars

BizActions: August 13th

  • How to Protect Against Tax Identity Theft
  • Unraveling the Complexities of the Healthcare Law
  • Intellectual Property: Protect Your Company from Disaster

BizActions: August 20th

  • Plan Ahead as if You Will Be Audited
  • IRS Notifications and Rulings that Target Small Businesses
  • Squeeze More Out of a Company SEP

BizActions: August 27th

  • A Closer Look at Home Office Deductions
  • ACA Update: Penalty Rules, Deadline Looming and Overall Confusion
  • Employers: Genetic Law May Require Changes
September 2013

BizActions: September 3rd

  • A Closer Look at Home Office Deductions
  • AVA Update: Penalty Rules, Deadline Looming and Overall Confusion
  • Employers: Genetic Law May Require Changes

BizActions: September 10th

  • Deadline for Reversing 2012 Roth Conversions is Closing In
  • IRS Fine Tunes the Small Employer Tax Credit for Healthcare Costs
  • Executive Compensation: How Much is Too Much?

BizActions: September 17th

  • Keys to Attracting and Retaining Talented Workers
  • What Do Today's Parents Spend on Raising a Child?
  • Mapping Out Taxes for Personal Service Corporations

BizActions: September 24th

  • Planning Around the New Medicare Tax on Investment Income
  • IRS Debuts Final Repair Regs
  • Let 'Bluebirds' Lift the Spirits of Sales Reps
October 2013

BizActions: October 1st

  • Sell Underwater Incentive Stock Option Shares before Year End
  • Covenants Not To Compete: Protection for Your Business
  • A More Efficient Way to Get Paid

BizActions: October 8th

  • 'Tis (Almost) the Season for Gift and Estate Planning
  • Pet Industry Helps Wag the Economy
  • Your Employee Handbook: Include 12 Critical Issues

BizActions: October 15th

  • Is America Falling Behind in Workplace Skills?
  • Get Ready for New Domain Extensions
  • Stamp Out Tax Protesters at Your Company

BizActions: October 22nd

  • What's Ahead?  IMF Predicts Slow but Steady U.S. Comeback
  • Get the Most Out of Your Customers
  • Tailor Marketing to Your Competition

BizActons: October 29th

  • Gearing Up for Next Year's Tax Season
  • Nine Bright Year-End Tax Planning Strategies for Individuals
  • Know the Rights of Foreign Employees
November 2013

BizActions: November 5th

  • Year-End Tax Planning Strategies for Small Businesses
  • Six Important financial Issues for Same-Sex Couples
  • Safeguard Your Company's Good Name

BizActions: November 12th

  • IRS Allows $500 Carryover for Unused Healthcare FSAs
  • What's the Impact of Claiming Section 179 Deductions for Real Property?
  • Reeling in Tax Deductions for Company Outings

BizActions: November 19th

  • 2013 Year-End Tax Planning Guide
  • Higher-Income Taxpayers:Open the Door to a Roth IRA
  • Nursing Home Fraud: Studies Expose a Lesser-Known Risk

BizActions: November 26th

  • Food for Thought When Making Year-End Charitable Contributions
  • U.S. Reaches FATCA Accord with France, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica
  • The Ins and Outs of Firing
December 2013

BizActions: December 3rd

  • Be Careful with December Mutual Fund Transactions
  • Stamp Out Bad Attitudes and Boost Profits
  • When Companies Share Intellectual Property for Mutual Benefit

BizActions: December 10th

  • Wrap Up Last-Chance Tax Breads for 2013
  • Top Executives Often Escape Indictment for Fraud
  • Defending the Status of Independent Contractors

BizActions: December 17th

  • Online Sales Tax: The Future is Still Uncertain
  • IRS Warns of Scar Targeting Immigrants
  • Turn More Salespeople into Superstars

BizActions: December 24th

  • Take Inventory of Your Assets
  • Having the Right Stuff
  • Watch Profits Soar by Subleasing Extra Space

BizActions: December 31st

  • 2014 New Year's Resolution: Tone Your Finances
  • Do You Over-Manager and Under-Lead?
  • Slash Office Supply Costs with Simple Tricks

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